“Not everyone will be a doctor,” Makhadzi writes to the matriculants


Makhadzi’s message to the matriculants

Makhadzi congratulates and advises the latest matriculants.

The South African singer applauded them for the achievement, and also advises students who didn’t pass.

She urged them to focus on business or other means of income if they are not good with academics.

“Congratulations to all the learners who made it 🥂🥂🥂. For those who didn’t make it please don’t give up go back to school. If you know that school is not your thing, find something that you are good at and turn it into a business,” the star wrote.

Makhadzi’s last words to them is that not everyone will be a doctor, hence they should focus on what they are best in doing.

“Thank yourself for making it to grade 12, making it to grade 12 is a big achievement 🥂🥂. start focusing on what you are good at this is the truth that people don’t wanna share with us. Not everyone will be a doctor,” she wrote.

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