“They are still owing me,” Zahara fights from grave (Audio)


Zahara leaves behind an audio against DJ Sbu and TK Nciza

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana claims TS records still owe her money.

The late singer who died on 11 December due to liver complications left behind an audio recording, revealing how DJ Sbu and TK Nciza failed to pay her.

According to Zimoja, the Loliwe hitmaker cursed Sbu, TK, and Nhlanhla that whatever bad experiences happen in their lives is because Jesus is dealing with them decisively.

“Do you know Dj Sbu? Sbu who owns TS Records, is now busy hugging trees. They owe me. On the other hand, TK’s fiance went back to her old boyfriend. He now has swollen feet. Nhlanhla is having a hearing problem. Jesus is dealing with them decisively,” Zahara said in the recording.

However, TK and Sbu said otherwise during her funeral; the two men claimed they had settled the debt and they owed her nothing.

“She was not just a musician to me, and I know that people always believe that it was always a transactional issue. She was my younger sister, she was my kid, we loved each other till the last day,” TK said.

DJ Sbu also cleared the air during an interview.

“We made sure that she owns her own publishing, which she did with Sheer Music Publishing. Sheer paid her royalties directly into her bank account and they’ve done so ever since we’ve been working together. And also, with our music catalogue – Universal Music, we also made sure instead of Universal Music paying TS Records, that they would distribute the funds to her. I am my own man; I know how to make my own money. I am a hard worker. The only thing I’ve ever done was to contribute and help her succeed. The story that was out there that we were owing monies is false,” he said.

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