Donald predicts the downfall of young music artists


South African singer Donald speaks about the downfall many young artist will suffer in the future.

The Mzansi music industry, in recent times, has experienced an high influx of new and young artists.

Meanwhile, the musician has spent years in the industry, and has remained consistent with music release, hence it is believed that he knows in and out of the game.

Taking to his Twitter account, Donald frowned and the unprofessionalism exuded by these young artists.

He said if they should continue in that manner, then they will experience the biggest downfall.

“In my industry the biggest downfall of some of our young artists is the low level of professionalism, I’m afraid you’re not gonna go too far in this if you don’t take that part seriously. Show up, Arrive early, Communicate, Be patient, Be Respectful at all times. These are just a few important points to note,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time an OG warned these young artists against their careless act, especially towards gigs.

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