Boity’s ex-boyfriend, Anton Jeftha moves on with new lover (Video)


Anton Jeftha shows off his new girlfriend

Anton Jeftha confirms breaking up with Boity Thulo as he shows off his new girlfriend.

The former couple served lover goals several times, but they suddenly went mute and stopped serving photos of themselves on social media.

Boity Thulo and her former boyfriend, actor Anton Jeftha

Boity hinted at the break up in early 2023, but there was no official statement from the two.

However, Anton cleared the air this January as he showed off his new girlfriend while on vacation.

The social media post garnered lots of reactions as people still demanded answers from Anton and Boity.

Below are some of the comments:

“What happened between Boity and Anton?”

“Stop it!!!!! What about Boity, that’s why we follow you.”

“Lets all ufollow this dude , he played our sis.”

“Yall should move on..when last did you see content of boity and Ant? Yho nina…Celebrities don’t owe us a forever..Yall break up everyday and move on, what is so shocking about them ? Ay.”



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