7 body language mistakes done unconsciously during interview



Body language plays a crucial role in job interviews, and certain unconscious mistakes can negatively impact the impression you make on the interviewer.

Here are seven common body language mistakes to be aware of during an interview:

1. Lack of eye contact:

    • Mistake: Avoiding eye contact may signal lack of confidence, disinterest, or dishonesty.
    • Solution: Maintain good eye contact to convey confidence and engagement. Don’t stare, but establish a natural and friendly gaze.

2. Weak handshake:

    • Mistake: A limp or overly aggressive handshake can convey a lack of assertiveness or professionalism.
    • Solution: Aim for a firm handshake that is confident but not overpowering. Match the pressure of the other person’s handshake.

3. Poor posture:

    • Mistake: Slouching or slumping can make you appear disinterested, lazy, or lacking in confidence.
    • Solution: Sit up straight and maintain good posture throughout the interview. This demonstrates attentiveness and professionalism.

4. Excessive fidgeting:

    • Mistake: Constantly tapping your foot, playing with your hair, or fidgeting with objects can indicate nervousness or lack of focus.
    • Solution: Be aware of your movements and try to stay still when appropriate. Take a moment to pause and collect your thoughts if needed.

5. Crossed arms:

    • Mistake: Crossing your arms can be perceived as defensive, closed-off, or unapproachable.
    • Solution: Keep your arms relaxed by your sides or gently resting on the table. This conveys openness and confidence.

6. Inappropriate facial expressions:

    • Mistake: Unintentional eye rolling, smirking, or other negative facial expressions can undermine your professionalism.
    • Solution: Be mindful of your facial expressions and strive to convey enthusiasm, interest, and positivity.

7. Excessive nodding or shaking head:

    • Mistake: Constantly nodding or shaking your head can be distracting and may give the impression that you’re not truly listening.
    • Solution: Use nods and headshakes sparingly and in response to key points. Maintain a balance to show genuine engagement.

It’s essential to be aware of your body language and make adjustments as needed to project a positive and professional image during an interview. Practicing with a friend or in front of a mirror can help you identify and correct any unconscious mistakes.

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