DJ Maphorisa says he owns any song recorded with his tools (Video)


DJ Maphorisa owns masters of any song recorded in his studio

DJ Maphorisa claims he owns the masters of all songs recorded with his equipment.

During a live chat on Instagram, the music producer made the explanation, saying the song is owned by him if recorded in his studio, with his light and tools.

Social media users reacted to the DJ’s claim, which made him trending.

i’ve been explaining this to broers also. yall told us Phori’s crib is full of studios in almost every room and that’s fire but it also means he owns the IP… no knock on Phori, he’s a legend but yall gotta know this,” a tweep wrote.

his thing of Phori needs people who understand how the music industry operates. Maybe if they can break it down for us, we would understand. Who owns and who doesn’t own what? When does “featuring” who who comes in?” another wrote.


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