If you had been storing eggs in the fridge door thinking that they will be fresh and will last longer, the food experts have warned putting them in the door rack as they go off quicker. Isn’t it shocking?

Well, it’s true and the experts have all the logic to prove it. Read on to know why you need to stop this practice NOW.

Why you should avoid the door?

According to experts, the built-in rack that is an obvious place to put eggs actually speeds up the rotting process and the eggs will not be worth use within no time.

What actually happens?

It has been proven that every time you open and close the door of fridge there is a sudden change of temperature that can spoil the yolk and make the eggs worthless.

What experts says?

Food experts have found that uncooked eggs are very fragile in nature and change of extreme temperature may lead to chain of reactions that can cause the eggs to rot quickly.

Where to store the eggs?

To keep the eggs fresh and last longer, store them in the fridge shelf, where they’ll stay cool and at a constant temperature.

What to store in the door?

You can store mayo, ketchup, bottled water, soda, juice cans as all these things have nothing to do with sudden change of temperature.