Loki leaves K.O’s record label, Skhanda World


Loki exits Skhanda World

Loki announces his departure from Skhanda World record label.

The hip-hop artist teased a song on his social media account and captioned it with a statement about his exit.

He reminisced on his musical journey and appreciated K.O for contributing to his career.

“Y’all found me 2019 with about 700 followers or so….looked past the “hype” or lack thereof and saw something no one else saw. I owe y’all a “we told y’all he’s him” moment & I pay what I owe. @mrcashtime @tsholosa @skhandaworld as we part ways , I wanna tell y’all thank you from the bottom of my heart…ngyabonga,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, another artist, Roii announced parting ways with the same record label a few days ago.

However, the two rappers claimed they left peacefully without drama, and K.O wished them well in their endeavour.


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