A face serum is one product that checks all the boxes when it comes to maintaining your skin’s health and should be a keen part of your daily skincare. You can use the serum twice a day i.e. in the morning, and before going to bed to leave the essence overnight and wake up to glowing skin. There are an ample number of face serums in the market depending on one’s skin type. Thus, opting for vitamin C always remains the safest option.

2. Sheet masks

Sheet masks should not be used every day, but can be used once a week to slap the stress away and give you an instant natural glow. It softens the skin and removes the dodgy under eyes giving you a hydrating feeling with a mind to unwind and relax. Sheet masks also come in a variety of ranges from hydrating effects to soothing properties which provide the skin pores with calmness.

3. Eye creams

Having a hectic schedule every day set in front of the laptop, your under-eye area tells a lot about your sleepless nights and the stress you carry over the day. Thus, make sure to nourish and pamper your under-eyes before going to bed every day, and try to rub them gently for 2-3 minutes to say goodbye to your heavy eye bags.

4. Face wash

Face washes are an integral part of our morning routine as they remove impurities, dirt, germs, and the residues of makeup that irritate the skin. However, the usage of face wash should only be done twice a day, as when the skin is cleansed too often, the skin’s natural moisture is stripped leaving it vulnerable to issues of irritation and dryness.

5. Face cleanser

After washing your face, opt for a facial cleanser that removes the excess oil and dirt in your skin cells and the other types of pollutants from the skin which thus keeps the pores clear and prevents skin conditions such as issues of acne and rashes. Therefore, finding the best cleanser can be a tough decision but always look out for your skin type and then go ahead.