10 most dangerous and unsafe cities in Europe



While Europe is often considered the safest continent globally, it is not without risks.

Certain European cities pose potential dangers, necessitating extra caution for safety.

To ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free and safe Europe, here is a compilation of the 10 most dangerous and unsafe cities in Europe.

1. Florence, Italy

Florence is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most sought-after destinations, and lures visitors from far and wide with its rich arts and culture scene. Renowned for its world-class galleries and the iconic Duomo cathedral, the city offers a remarkable experience. Despite a relatively low violent crime rate, tourists are advised to remain vigilant, particularly against scams, pickpocketing, and credit card theft.

2. Glasgow, Scotland

It’s Scotland’s largest city, with a rich blend of ancient charm and modern attractions. Although it now has a low crime rate, and has a history of gang-related incidents, visitors are cautioned to maintain awareness. In 2010, Glasgow had a murder rate of 5.1 per 100,000 people, constituting 20% of all crimes in Scotland that year.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Sitting at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is another popular tourist destination that attracts global tourists with its rich history. While most visitors experience no issues, caution is advised, especially outside tourist centers. With a homicide rate of 2.6 per 100,000 people in 2017 and a current crime rate of 47.55, Istanbul presents mild risks, mainly in less frequented areas.

4. Belfast, Northern Ireland

With popular tourist attractions like the Titanic Belfast museum, Belfast is another tourist spot that ranks high in tourism radar. With a moderate crime rate, Belfast has managed to overcome its tumultuous past. While generally safe, visitors are advised to exercise caution to avoid any potential trouble.

5. Athens, Greece

It’s the birthplace of democracy and Western civilization, but unfortunately, grapples with rising crime, including property crimes and drug use. Tourists should be cautious, particularly regarding taxi scams and pickpocketing, despite the city’s historical and cultural significance.

6. Paris, France

Paris faces its own challenges in terms of petty theft. Famed as a popular tourist destination, the city’s bustling streets and crowded attractions create an ideal environment for pickpockets to thrive.
Places like the Eiffel Tower, and Louvre Museum are particularly notorious hotspots for such criminal activities, where unsuspecting visitors often fall victim to skilled thieves. Efforts have been made by local authorities to combat this menace through increased surveillance and public awareness campaigns, but vigilance remains crucial for tourists exploring the enchanting streets of Paris.

7. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels also faces a significant pickpocketing challenge, which has earned it a reputation of a major hotspot for such crimes in Europe. Incidents often occur in crowded places like transportation hubs, shopping areas, and tourist attractions, where criminals employ various techniques to snatch valuables discreetly. Despite increased police presence and awareness campaigns, pickpocketing persists. Tourists are advised to secure their belongings and stay vigilant in crowded areas when exploring Brussels or any urban environment prone to this issue.

8. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest faces scams targeting tourists, including pickpocketing, street scams, and fake taxis. Pickpocketing is prevalent in crowded areas, urging tourists to secure belongings. Fake taxis overcharge or take longer routes; using reputable services is recommended. Street scams involve unsolicited assistance or counterfeit goods; travelers should exercise caution and avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

9. Porto Portugal

Porto faces concerns about crime rates, impacting both residents and tourists. Recent statistics show an uptick in overall crime, with common offenses including theft, burglary, and drug-related incidents. Pickpocketing is prevalent in tourist-heavy areas like Ribeira and São Bento train station, prompting visitors to secure valuables and stay vigilant. While crime rates may vary by neighborhood, local authorities are addressing the issue with increased police presence and CCTV surveillance for enhanced public safety.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Situated in Amsterdam, the Red Light District is infamous for its elevated occurrence of unlawful activities. As one of Europe’s most renowned areas, it draws the attention of both tourists and locals alike. Nevertheless, this district has garnered a reputation for engaging in criminal behavior, primarily due to its association with prostitution and the drug trade.

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