Nomzamo Mbatha’s sister arrested


Wendy Mbatha and her boyfriend were arrested for assaulting a pregnant woman

Wendy Mbatha was arrested for beating up a pregnant woman, Snothile Gambushe (Gumede).

According to Zimoja, Wendy’s boyfriend Senzo Cele (34) was seen hitting the pregnant woman till security guards intervened.

The sister of the famous actress Nomzamo Mbatha revealed that Snothile was the first to attack her, as she revealed the scars from being bitten by the woman.

“I see her intentions for biting me, she wants to make me sick,’ Wendy said.

Snothile cursed Cele: “I am not scared of you Senzo. I am not dating you. You whore of a man.”

However, Wendy revealed that the pregnant woman apologised.

“This girl apologised for everything and said she would write on social media that she was joking. She even called me Mandy by mistake and said she thought I was the girl who took her man. This girl has been attacking us and we don’t know her. She claims my family ithwele (has done rituals for money). She goes around saying I support a man. The last straw was when she rejoiced when I lost my baby and swore at Senzo’s late mom,” Wedny Mbatha said.

Wendy and her boyfriend spent two nights in jail, and they appeared at the Pinetown Magistrates Court for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and were released on R1 500 bail each.

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