Xolani Maphanga replaces Xolani Khumalo on “Sizok’thola” show


Xolani Khumalo replaced on “Sizok’thola” show

Sizok’thola show has a new host as the former host Xolani Khumalo is on trial for the murder of Robert Varrie who died during a recording of the anti-drug show.

Moja Love announced that X-Repo presenter Xolani Maphanga will take over the show.

“I have seen the affect of drugs on the youth, including how they leave families scarred for life, and it [is a] great honour to contribute to a social justice programme and a show that tackles the problem of drugs head on. This is a fight we cannot win alone, so we will be working closely with communities and law enforcement to fight [against] drugs in our communities,” he said.

Co-heads of the Channel, Shoki Zama and Livhuwani Dagada express excitement over the continuation of the show.

“We are excited about the return of one of our flagship shows Sizok’thola, with Xolani Maphanga at the helm. As a channel, we are invested in contributing positively to society and are aware of the affect of drugs, not only on the youth, but the nation.”

Meanwhile, Xolani Khumalo’s case is still in court.

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