6 biggest mistakes to avoid when on Safari!



Africa records over 30 million tourists each year and if you are planning on visiting the safari in the continent, here are the mistakes to avoid.

1. Don’t wear any perfume

The first thing as you plan to enjoy and explore the safari, you should not spray any perfume. One is not allowed to wear any perfume because certain scents from sprays can scare away animals and this reduces your chances of spotting animals.

Another reason is that some unusual smells from the perfumes can cause an animal to be more aggressive and this can pose a threat to visitors.

2. Don’t  smoke

Generally smoking in public is prohibited due to how it can affect the next person. Same as during the safari with other visitors, one shouldn’t smoke as this might affect others who do not smoke.

Smoking during the safari is also not acceptable because the scent-just like deodorants, can scare away or provoke animals to be aggressive, risking the life of the visitors.

3. Calling out animals

Calling out at animals when sighting is a big NO! During the sighting, animals will only be seeing the vehicle you are in. At times you can be at a close range or very far away but no matter the distance you shouldn’t call out at animals as this can scare away animals or cause them to attack the visitors. So as an ‘OBSERVER’ you need to maintain your quietness and no calling or yelling at animals for the safety of everyone.

4. Standing up at an animal sighting

When you are in a vehicle at an animal sighting, you don’t need to stand for you to see clearly or otherwise. Standing at a sighting is too dangerous. This can attract the attention of animals and the last animal you don’t want to attract is a hungry lion. So never stand in a vehicle for your safety and others.

5. Don’t make fast movements

At animal sightings just know that anything can go wrong since animals do behave awkwardly at times. So no matter what happens, you need to maintain your coolness.

Making fast moments can upset an animal, putting it in def

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