8 fascinating facts about the world’s longest passenger train



Switzerland is renowned for its beautiful locations and otherworldly views!

But not many must not be aware of the fact that the country is also home to the world’s longest passenger train which is an engineering marvel!

The world’s longest passenger train connects cities and towns across its picturesque terrain and this modern world transportation is an example of Switzerland’s dedication to providing efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly travel options.

Here are some interesting facts about the train:

1) Switzerland made history by operating the world’s longest passenger train, which is an extraordinary and a remarkable feat.

2) The world’s longest electric passenger train comprises an impressive 100 coaches!

3) The route covered by this extraordinary train stretched between Preda and Bergen on the Bernina/Albula train, operated by the Swiss transport company Rhaetian Railway (RhB).

4) The train is 1.9 km in length

5) Comprising 100 contemporary EMUs (Electric Multiple Units) and 25 four-car Capricorn EMUs, this train showcased cutting-edge railway technology.

6) During its journey, the train covers an intricate network, passing through 22 tunnels and crossing 48 bridges.

7) Notably, the Albula Line in Switzerland, over which the train operated, holds the prestigious status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8) In terms of sheer weight, the train carried a total of 2990 tons throughout its journey, which was an historic achievement.

Switzerland’s operation of the world’s longest passenger train is the country’s commitment to excellence in transportation. From its cutting-edge technology to its eco-friendly practices and awe-inspiring route, the train offers a truly unparalleled travel experience.

As other countries grapple with the challenges of modernizing their transportation systems, Switzerland’s achievement serves as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished through innovation.