Legendary actor Chris “Bra Spokes” April has died


Legendary actor Chris “Bra Spokes” April died on 31 March.

April is best known for his role as Sangoma in Leon Schuster’s hilarious movie, Mama Jack, which was released in 2005.

According to Zimoja, the veteran actor’s memorial service will be held on Wednesday (April 10) in Cape Town at Zolani Art Centre.

April has appeared in other movies like Blended (2014), Accidents (1989) and Zulu (2013).

Chris’ death was confirmed by his daughter Tia Anan confirmed his passing when she shared a heartfelt message.

“Rest in power daddy Chris Bra Spokes April. He was a father, uncle, role model, legendary actor, music influencer, teacher, he was an inspiration to everybody that he came in contact with.”