Ntando Duma back in court


Ntando Duma appeared in court after an altercation with her neighbour at over a children’s play area.

The incident occurred last year, and she’s been to the court due to the case but it was postponed.

A source at the complex says the conflict started when the neighbour almost bumped a child with his car and told the children not to play in the parking lot and they went to report to their parents, who came to confront him in the roadway. This led to shouting between the neighbour and Ntando’s friend. In court papers, the neighbour alleges that Ntando’s lady friend swore at them.

Ntando appeared again yesterday and the matter was postponed to 10 June for further investigation.

A source has revealed to ZiMoja that the mom of one is still trying to prove the legitimacy of her doctor’s sick note for the court appearances that she missed on 30 January 2024.

“She showed up at the hearing with two bodyguards. Arriving with bodyguards in court was a “little presumptuous’ as the neighbour is the one granted a protection order.


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