Msaki drops her first social media post of the year 2024


Msaki resumes social media

Msaki is back on social media following months of being on a hiatus.

The singer left social media after it was rumored that she was in an affair with a married man; she also said she will be taking a break from music.

On Tuesday, she returned to Instagram with a selfie of herself, and captioned with, “Happy 2024!  May all systems that no longer serve us internally and externally disintegrate. May we find a New Way together. Love Msaki.”


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In January 2023, Msaki announced leaving music.

“I just wanna thank everyone for this incredible outpouring of love and support. I wanna thank my day 1’s that are still with me that bought my first album in advance and who gave me my independence. Please also understand why I have to leave this space. Please release me. I may seem weak because I let this get to me,” she wrote.

“But I am sensitive and sentimental, an empath (this is my most valuable creativity tool), and my skin is not thick. It is porous so I feel the changes in the breeze. I’m moved quickly and deeply and I understand this may be abnormal. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but I know some of you get it,” she continued.

“The same sensitivity where my songs come from is the same sensitivity that cannot handle this callus badgering and normalization bullying. Allow me to take my leave for wholeness. Please remember me as the one who said we are not meant to take this even if it comes with the territory. I stand for them as I leave,” she wrote.

“We need to love more. Please don’t push people to the edge and only have empathy after they become statistics.  Be kind to my colleagues, we are just people. We need more gentleness and grace for each other. Please can we change?” she continued.

However, she’s been working on various music projects with other artists.

Nomfundo Moh recently dropped a new single titled Umusa and it features Msaki and Cassper Nyovest.

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