Former President Jacob Zuma turns 82 today


Happy 82nd birthday to Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma reaches a milestone today as he turns 82-year-old today.

News about his birthday reached social media and its garnered mixed reactions.

While some celebrated the former president, others slammed him for taking up leadership roles at such an age.

In 2019, Zuma appreciated people who celebrated him and penned a note of gratitude that reads: ” wish I could respond to everyone. Thank you all for the well wishes, it was a happy birthday indeed. I would also like to wish those who share this special day with me a wonderful evening. Thank you .”

Some of the reactions to the birthday news are:

“82, this man won’t be alive in the next 20 years but some of you want him to be president. We want fresh and innovative people. Not old farts. People over 65 shouldn’t be in government position.”

“To think he still leads people even at this age. When you’re normally supposed to be resting at this age he formed the MK party. This is leadership. It doesn’t stop with age. It stops when you stop.”

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