We all have a mental checklist of a perfect partner, isn’t it? He or she should be smart, caring, understanding, professionally stable and this list seems to be endless.

But have you ever thought about what kind of spending habits your lover must have?

Well, it might be a good idea to date someone who is smart with money and add this trait to your check list.

Why? A recent study suggests that the way your partner handles finances has a direct impact on your relationship.  Here are all the details of this research

The study

The researchers at University of Arizona interviewed around 500 people in a committed relationship who were in their 20s.

The next step

They were asked a bunch of questions related to their partner’s financial habits including their credit card usage, if they spend within a budget and paid their bills on time. Further, the participants were asked questions related to their life satisfaction and happiness in the relationship.

The finding

The researchers concluded that participants who believed their partners were responsible with money had higher sense of well-being and were happier in their relationship. On the other hand, participants who perceived their partners to be bad with finances felt less committed to the relationship.

Opposites attract

Another study conducted at University of Michigan suggests that people get attracted towards individuals with opposite spending habits. However, it might not be good for the relationship in the longer run.

Marriage and money

The researchers indicated that couples who had similar approach towards money, whether saving or indulging, had fewer conflicts over finances and more marital satisfaction.

Choose your partner wisely!

Finances can be a tricky area to deal with in a relationship but one must have ‘the talk’ with the partner on this subject. Going by the findings of the studies, look for a partner who shares similar views on money and you might have a much smoother love life.