What is quiet firing & the red flags you need to look out for?



The phenomenon of quiet firing – also called silent firing – is making headlines around the world.

According to job search platform Monster, quiet firing is when an employer indirectly forces an employee to quit by failing to provide support and career development whether is is unintentionally or intentionally.

While Gallup, an analytics and advisor firm, describes quite firing as the failure of managers to adequately provide coaching, support and career development to an employee, which results in the employee being pushing out of the organisation.

Gallup said that in worst-case scenarios, quiet firing takes place when employees are allowed to experience toxic or miserable workplaces to squeeze them out.

Monster shares the signs of quiet firing that you should look out for:

– Employees receive mostly negative feedback at the office, or they get very little feedback.

– Your salary or wages remain stationary or you get passed over for promotions, even though you produce good work.

– At the office, you get assigned the least preferable job tasks in comparison to other colleagues who have similar job titles or you get assigned tasks that are below your level.

– You are unexpectedly burdened with a heavier workload than you are typically used to.

– You work as an hourly employee, but you are getting fewer work shifts than usual.

– You are excluded from company events or meetings, while others in similar positions are still invited.