5 churches where God isn’t worshipped



When most people think about churches, the first thought that comes to mind is a place where people go to worship God.

While this is common knowledge, there are some places where this does not apply.

In other words, there are some churches around the world where God is not worshipped. Sounds unusual right?

Here are five churches from around the world that fall into this category;

Some people who are football lovers and huge fans of Argentine football (soccer) star, Diego Maradona, have taken their love to another level by dedicating a church to this legend. This church known as – Iglesia Maradoniana (“Church of Maradona”), is located in Argentina and has over 500,000 members spread around the world.

In this church, Maradona is basically the god and every activity is modelled after him. To become a member of the Church of Maradona, you have to pledge your devotion to Maradona and the principles of the Church. Before you can be baptised in the Church of Maradona, you are expected to score a goal with your left fist, as Maradona did during the 1986 World Cup. This church also has its calendar and commandments all revolving around the football star.

Beyoncé Knowles, the popular singer, also has a church dedicated to her. The members practise what is called Beyism and the name of the church is The National Church of Bey. The members of this church strongly believe that Beyoncé is a deity and they hold services where they gather to sing Beyonce’s songs.

Another church where God isn’t worshipped is the Church of Cannabis. As the name implies, the church is dedicated to cannabis. Located in the United States, these churches (three of them) have members who believe cannabis binds them together. The Church of Cannabis has one commandment – Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Just as lovers of Maradona created a church dedicated to him, fans of Kanye West, the musician also did the same. This church known as the Church of Yeezus revolves around Kanye West, even though he has never identified with it. The Church of Yeezus believes that the rapper is the god and saviour of the human race and members refer to themselves as Ye’ciples.

Another controversial church where God isn’t the major focus is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster where members worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM).

This church started out as a satire. It was created by Bobby Henderson in 2005 as a parody religion in response to discussions about teaching intelligent design alongside evolution in public schools. But it has since grown to amass lots of followers who now use satire and humour to raise serious questions about the intersection of religion, education, and public policy.

Would you like to visit any of these churches?

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