Musa Mthombeni celebrates 32-months of being married to Liesl Laurie


Dr Musa Mthombeni and wife, Liel Laurie celebrate their monthly anniversary.

The doctor penned a sweet note, revealing that they’ve been married for 32 months.

Taking to Instagram, Musa wrote:

“Happy monthiversary to my exceptionally stunning home affairs marriage certificate co-signee. Without you signing that document on 18 August 2021 we would not be here today, celebrating 32 months married. Without your signature on that faithful day, South Africa wouldn’t be enjoying this pre election electricity right now.”

“They’d be in total darkness- Stage 20. Without your signature on that faithful day, Clement would have hosted yet another All White party in 2024. He doesn’t know that we have run out of white outfits. The only winners in his all white themed parties are Bleach companies.”

“Without your signature on that faithful day, interest rates would be much higher in this country. You have literally saved us from economic ruin as a country, my baby. Wow!”

“What a woman. Happy monthiversary my baby, you’re the hero we didn’t ask for but one we deserve.”

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