Drip CEO Lekau Sehoana writes to Boity – “Please never give up and keep going”


Lekau Sehoana encourages Boity

Lekau Sehoana pens a lengthy note to Boity after she got dragged for the fall of her perfume line, and other failed businesses.

The Drip CEO shares his experience and appreciates her for not giving up.

Like everyone else, I saw the posts and articles. And like most entrepreneurs, I know exactly how and what failure looks like. A failed strategy, a failed business, a failed product, doesn’t make a failure of a human being. when we develop products, we have certain percentages we expect to get from them. Either good or bad. And we have follow-up products lined up should one not do well. Which makes entrepreneurship, and especially product building an ongoing process.”

“It’ll never be the finish line… When I saw your short Instagram response, I got very inspired… Here’s why: In 2019 I started @dripsportif, 2 years later we opened 25 Stores. We have since closed some of the Stores, we have moved some to better Trading positions at the Malls. We further invested in a Group (The DRIP Group) to build a House of Brands, where DRIP and other Brands like@DomainJeans and Kiddies Republic sit. We had to Liquidate Kiddies for almost same reasons, it didn’t work out.”

“Which further proves that entrepreneurship is all about movement. At the centre of the movement, is Failure. The probabilities are there. Remember, 9 out of 10 startups fail and 38% of startups fail because they run out of cash. 35% of startups fail because there is no market need for them. By year 5, 50% of all startups will have failed. These stats are not there to make us sleep well at Night, but they’re there to make us solution driven. And keep us on our Toes. Boity, you’re doing so well. I applaud you for having started and being positive. Please never give up and keep going. This is exactly what Entrepreneurship is about…”

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