One of the biggest beauty disasters is a melting foundation or the one that disappears in less than one hour!

If you’re craving for a flawless complexion minus the foundation mess, we’ve got the right steps for you.

From applying a primer to using a setting powder, here are 5 steps to ensure your make-up lasts longer.

​1. Start with a moisturiser

Before you apply anything from a primer to the foundation, make sure you moisturise. If you have dry skin, your foundation can become patchy as the foundation collects on dry spots.

2. ​Use a primer

Skipping a primer is one of the key reasons your foundation doesn’t last. A good primer can combat shine, minimize pores and give a smooth base for foundation. This extra layer will give your foundation something to hold on to instead of vanishing in just a few hours.

3. Apply foundation the right way

The next step that matters is how you apply the foundation. Use a brush for a long-lasting finish. The brush bristles will help to press the pigment into the skin while giving a smooth texture.

4. Buff some powder

Powder helps to set the foundation and is advisable to use after you’ve applied the foundation. If you’re afraid the colour won’t match, use a translucent powder to get that natural finish. Use a fluffy brush and dust the powder over the T-zone, forehead, and chin.

5. ​Try a face mist

Another additional step you can try for a long lasting finish is a face mist or a make-up setting spray. A face mist can give a dewy look while setting the pigment and not letting it slide down your face.