Costa Titch deserves to be celebrated than Riky Rick – Nota


Nota Baloyi frowns at how Riky Rick was celebrated more than Costa Titch.

The outspoken critics used Twitter as a medium to express their thoughts about life after the two musicians died.

Riky died in 2022 after hanging himself, while Costa died while performing on stage in 2023; he fell twice and passed away.

Nota thinks that Riky doesn’t deserve the remembrance and celebration because he killed himself, hence he claims Titch deserved more.

Riky Rick hanged himself & got celebrated at the BET’s… Costa Titch died due to violations of the emergency & safety protocols at Ultra. Costa deserves better from us!” he wrote.

Baloyi further cleared the air on Costa’s death, “Substances were found in his blood, he had a seizure & the people at Ultra didn’t have the emergency equipment they should’ve had by law so they are liable for his death by negligence!”

However, some X (formerly known as Twitter) users explained to Nota on why Riky Rick deserve to be celebrated despite committing suicide.

“Ricky was celebtated for what he did for the culture not for hanging himself,” a user wrote.

Nota always misdirecting abantu, Ricky was not celebrated because he hanged himself, he was celebrated for his work, stop what you are doing . Respect both families NOTA yheeer,” another wrote.

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