DJ Zinhle apologises to South African youths


DJ Zinhle addresses the public after being triggered by her statement on SA youths

DJ Zinhle clears the air and apologises to people who are offended by her claim about South African youths.

Viral video clip of the businesswoman addressing unemployment in the country, she said that Mzansi youths are unemployable, which triggered tons of people as she got dragged on socials.

Zinhle said she is excited about the conversation, but she apologised to people who felt attacked.

“I’m glad we are talking about this. Firstly. I apologize if I offended anyone. I wasn’t attacking the youth at all, as a small business owner I do employ & train people, but this doesn’t even start to solve the problems we are facing as the South African youth,” she wrote.

“I could do more with support from the government. How do we up-skill our youth so that they are ready for employment? Are we in denial that we are not getting the jobs we want because we do not have the skills required? Are we in denial that not all the people are getting the education they need to be employable?”

“You guys are speaking from a one sided view of graduates who have matric, a diploma etc – and can’t get jobs, I’m not saying they don’t need the assistance, they do but we need to think about the youth holistically so we can challenge the people in power,” the star added.

DJ Zinhle further slammed people who are using offensive words while reacting to her claim.

“If I am wrong, you can educate me without offending me, my business and employees. I beg,” the DJ wrote on X.

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