‘This body Works for Me’ star Wandi Ndlovu says she hates fame


Wandi Ndlovu says she doesn’t want fame

Wandi Ndlovu is exhausted due to fame as it has caused her more problems than wins.

Months ago, it was reported that the reality TV star relocated to Nigeria to become a stripper.

Zimoja reports her reaction to the rumors about her relocation: “She says the video of her stripping in Nigeria was an old one and that only a fellow cast member on This body Works For Me, Dione Xanthe, is the one who is in Nigeria.”

This Body Works for Me star further said that she is done with the majority of the friends she has.

“These girls envy my life. I don’t know why they keep telling lies about me.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love them. I really do, but I can’t be friends with them anymore,” she adds.

“I apologised to everyone I wronged on the show because I wanted to start on a clean slate. But they seem to always want to include me in their drama. I am at peace, working and making moves silently. No one knows what I am up to because I am protecting my peace and I am still living here in South Africa,” she adds.

Speaking about fame, Wandi said she has prayed for it to go, but it always finds her.

“I know I wouldn’t be making the money I am making now if it wasn’t for the reality show but I hate what comes with fame. I hate fame. It has brought me more problems than solutions,” she says.

“Every time I pray for it to go away, it always finds me. I will never do the reality show again.” she says.

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