20 million views: Kamo Mphela says ‘Dalie’ was from God


Kamo Mphela’s Dalie music video hits 20 million views

Kamo Mphela had one of the biggest Amapiano hits in 2023 with her song, Dalie.

The South African hit song features Khalil Harrison, Tyler ICU, and  Baby S.O.N.

Dalie blew up charts and made history as one of the most Shazamed songs; it also garnered massive views on TikTok due to the dance challenge.

Speaking about the making of the song in an interview, Kamo said she was given the beat and was asked to jump on it, which she recorded once and blew up.

Mphela said she usually recorded songs more than once before they reached perfection, however, she did once and it went viral without any marketing strategy.

It was after the song went viral Kamo came up with a dance for it.

The music video has reached 20 million views on YouTube.

Watch the interview and music video below:

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