Lady Du – “I’ve been in the music business for exactly 22 years”


Lady Du said she started music since age of 9

Lady Du dedicates a post in appreciation of her social media followers and non-followers who are supporters.

The South African singer further revealed that she has spent 22 years in the music industry, though there are no videos to prove her claim.

“I’ve been in the music business for exactly 22 years!!!! I started when I was 9 years old, I only have pictures to prove it since social media wasn’t available. I’ve never changed the person I am since then, the best way to live life is through God, I’ve had sooo many people advise me on how to run my brand, how to carry myself, how my social media should look, how brands don’t attach to untidy things.”

Du spoke about working with brands and how she’s relied on God throughout her musical journey.

“I’ve worked with the biggest brands, I’ve been on billboards in SA, New York and London, on Levi’s ads internationally, been the face that represents sooo many brands, but I’ve never changed who I am. I am an artist that’s obeying God’s law, I don’t care how the industry is set up, I care about how God views me. I don’t have confidence issues, I definitely don’t have self-doubt. My dreams are not to be like anyone but myself! I congratulate everyone, I celebrate everyone.”

The Amapiano star further revealed some of the rules that have guided her.

“Learn to not lean on your own understanding. Trust God with your life, For the past 2 years I’ve been managing myself, doing absolutely everything myself, I’ve had a few scammers, I’ve had people steal from me, still have people exploiting us, taking our royalties building things for themselves without paying us, but I stood strong and built myself with all I have. When everyone around me was buying luxury brands I put my head down and said I will build a legacy for myself that will create a lifestyle, im not climbing that rock.”

“I’ve never been under any pressure, I’ve never followed trends, don’t look at other people’s plates, don’t want what other people have. I want what God wants for me. When you are my follower, know that everything you see on my social media is actually who I am! There’s nothing fake, nothing edited, nothing is for “content” every single thing here is shot by my family with my phone”

She concludes her note with words of motivation for her supporters.

“I built a name for myself out of all I had, and made it work. Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams. If it looks small to someone else it’s fine you are not doing it for anyone but yourself!!!!! I appreciate you!!!!! I genuinely love all of you!!!!!!!”

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