Without question, some people are crazy good in bed. Every move they make, things they whisper can arouse a person enough to have the best sex ever.

Some people are naturally gifted at sex, while some others master their skills in bed.

It can also be tough to find sexual compatibility and to help you figure out, we have listed down the zodiac signs who are great in bed!

1. Scorpio

This is a very intriguing sign and when they bring their mysteriousness to bed, it gets even more exciting. They love experimenting with sexual positions. They are super dominant in bed but they don’t forget to bring the fun quotient during sex. That’s what makes them a great partner in bed.

2. Leo

They are confident, glamourous and very sexually active. They absolutely love sex and spending time with their partner. They have a very seducing charisma that can charm anyone off their feet. They love intense foreplay and they aim at making their partner feel very special.

3. Gemini

Their dual personality is very fun to be with during sex. They bring out both their submissive and dominant side as well. This never lets the party get boring. Geminis always have tricks up their sleeve to make sex interesting and fiery. They will even include sex toys to make their sex sessions memorable.

4. Pisces

They are very sensitive and emotionally responsive during sex. They will cradle and make you feel comfortable and unless you give a go-ahead, they aren’t going to try any moves on you. They are patient but right in the middle of sex, they can surprise you with sex moves, you didn’t even know existed.

5. Libra

They are kinky and they know it. Librans are amazing at sex and they know how to please you just the way you want it. They always seem to know your sexual needs, so there’s no room for disappointment when you have sex with a Libran.