Gigi Lamayne – “There’s no money in SA music”


Gigi Lamayne says there’s no money in SA music

Gigi Lamayne who has been thriving in the music industry for years claims that it isn’t a profitable career.

During an interview on Trndza Podcast, the rapper said that there is no money in the South African music industry.

“There’s no money in music in South Africa. If you want to make money in music you need to go outside South Africa. You’re never going to make money here or you’re going to make it for a short amount of time and you need to strike and you need to strike hard,” she said.

Gigi further said that DJ Maphorisa, Busta 929 and Cassper Nyovest have been able to make themselves good money from music.

“Off my head, people who have struck hard continuously are the likes of Maphorisa, Busta 929, I think Cassper Nyovest also has done really really good job.”

“It’s very difficult to make money consistently in music in South Africa. So if you are somebody who wants to get into it and you’re not sure I always say do it as a hobby and then if it works out that’s okay. But if it doesn’t then you know it’s something else. But there’s absolutely no money in music,” Lamayne added.

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