“I will forever despise this day,” Jamie Bartlett’s partner remembers him 2 years after passing


Rosa Onious remembers her late partner Jamie Bartlett on his 2nd death anniversary.

The actor, 55, died May 23, 2022 due to a heart attack.

Rosa penned an emotional note in remembrance of her late lover.

“How has it been 2 years When it feels like yesterday. ? I will forever despise this day. 💔A day that stole from us. You will forever live in my heart J. You are loved, If we didn’t cross each others path, I wouldn’t be the strongest person that I am today. You built me,” she wrote.

“Last year I spent this day, miserable, crying and in bed. But this year I am going to rejoice and celebrate the memories and the love we shared. Our story was meant to end the way it did and I am grateful for it. Continue to rest MY KING!!!”


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