Kevin Hart roasts Kai Cenat for fumbling SA singer Tyla (Video)


Kevin Hart mocked Kai Cenat for being rejected by Tyla

Kevin Hart is one of the biggest public figures to grace Kai Cenat’s livestream.

The comedian and the young star had lots of fun as seen in videos that went viral on social media.

However, Kevin didn’t exit the livestream without attacking Kai.

The American super-star revisited Kai’s proposal to the South African singer, Tyla.

The Water hitmaker was on the live-stream a few months ago, and Cenat asked her out on a date but she rejected, stating that they are friends.

The turn-down devastated Kai Cenat, but Hart made it worse as he poked fun at him.

Kevin Hart repeatedly mentioned Tyla’s response, which is, “We are friends tho”.


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