Jelly Babie is greedy and hardheaded – Former manager reveals


Jellly Babie falls out with her manager

Jelly Babie has changed management, and the former manager has a lot to say about the 18-year-old.

The ex-manager, Thato Setati of STF Projects revealed that they parted ways because of the young star’s greed.

“Jelly is greedy when it comes to bookings. It was nice working with her, but she is hardheaded when it comes to negotiating with promoters for bookings. She charges R20 000 or sometimes R25 000, but sometimes you negotiate and build relationships, and she does not,” Thato allegedly disclosed to a close friend.

“She also does not give bonuses or extra money when you have worked hard, so Thato left and stopped working with her.”

Jelly Babie’s hospitality rider includes a Henessy VSOP, Moët & Chandon champagne – nectar, eight Redbulls, two Cranberries or orange juice, four waters and a hubbly.

According to Zimoja, Jelly confirmed the separation.

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