DJ Shimza’s R260k wristwatch causes a stir: Here’s Why


Shimza’s wristwatch shocks SA

South African DJ and music producer DJ Shimza has recently found himself at the center of social media buzz, but this time, it’s not his chart-topping tracks or electrifying performances making headlines.

Instead, it’s his lavish wristwatch, valued at an eye-popping R260,000, that has captured the public’s attention and sparked a flurry of reactions online.

Shimza rocked a Rolex Datejust 41, considered one of the most expensive Rolex; the watch was released in 2016 and replaced the aforementioned Date just II in the Rolex catalogue.

As soon as images of DJ Shimza sporting the expensive watch surfaced, fans and followers flooded social media platforms with a mix of admiration, envy, and critique.

Some praised the DJ for his hard-earned success and his ability to afford such a luxurious item, viewing it as an inspiration for aspiring artists.

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