Lady Du sings Julius Malema’s praise on social media ahead of the election


Lady Du writes a touching tribute to Julius Malema before the general election

Lady Du expresses support for the EFF political party hours before the general election takes place.

Taking to social media, the Amapiano star wrote a sweet and touching note about Julius Malema – the party leader.

Du revealed that she toured with the political party and she witnessed the sweet side of Julius, which a majority don’t get to see.

“Here’s to the dopest human being I’ve ever met, I’m writing this message to wish you well for tomorrow, may the Good Lord bless your path, may he do right by you, I wish people Got to see the side of you that I saw touring with the EFF, I was booked to perform and when I saw how you treat people I continued, how you help people and not post or want to be posted for it, how you respect everyone including the youth, how you literally greet us like we are people working in big companies. 😂🤣”

“Thank you for being sooo dedicated to serving our country, I always say consistency is key!!!! You try till the universe accepts you. Thank you for not giving up on your country, thank you for the fighting spirit you have, for fighting for the voiceless for dealing with serious issues that people experience daily!!!!! A United country is what we need because we are all me have.”

“To everyone voting!!! Don’t blame the government you are the government now!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This is no paid partnership but a post from my heart and experience,” the singer wrote.


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