Shimza dragged for publicly announcing his support for ANC


Shimza attacked for supporting ANC

Shimza, real name is Ashley Raphala took to social media to express his endorsement of the ANC political party a few hours before the general election.

The musician found himself at the center of controversy after publicly showing support for the African National Congress (ANC) ahead of the upcoming elections.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ posted the ANC logo and captioned it with heart emojis in three colours, which are the colours of the party.

The post irked a majority of tweeps as they trolled and dragged him.

A true ANC corruption beneficiary #VoetsekANC,” a tweep wrote.

“Uphumbene I must unfollow you useless…..you shall pay for kaka,” another wrote.

DJ Shimza’s public support for the ANC ahead of the elections has ignited a significant backlash, reflecting the contentious political landscape in South Africa. While some fans appreciate his right to political expression, others feel let down by his endorsement of a party marred by controversies.

As the country heads towards the elections, Shimza’s experience underscores the challenges that public figures face when navigating political affiliations in a deeply divided society.

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