Beef Squashed: J Molley says The Big Hash is one of his favourite South African artists


J Molley appreciates The Big Hash’s talent despite the differences between them.

The rappers have finally squashed their beef after years four years.

Taking to Twitter, Molley proved that he has no beef with Big Hash again; he also eulogised him and labelled him one of his favourite artists in SA.

“Hash & I May Have Had Our Differences But I’ll Never Deny Talent When I See It. Man’s Always Been One Of My Favorite Artists In SA. A True Musician. I Vow To Never Speak Down On His Name Ever Again. Not That It Means Anything But You Got My Flowers Young King,” J wrote.

The Big Hash replied J Molley’s tweet with words of peace.

“I would wholeheartedly believe this statement if you didn’t try to bring my family up every chance you got. What I will say though: I have no ill will, I really hope as a human being, you keep fighting because you actually got people who love you & wanna see you win. We good,” Hash wrote.

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