Trevor Noah opens up on friendship with celebrities


Trevor Noah speaks about how friendship works in the entertainment industry, especially with celebrities.

Speaking on the ‘SmartLess’ podcast, he said: “I always found it strange that people would try to be friends just because they’re in a similar space. I remember when I first came to America and I would get invited to events because I was part of ‘The Daily Show’ and people would be like ‘Oh my God, we should hang out, take my number’ or say ‘We gotta get a coffee…’ and I would give people my number.

“I thought I was making so many friends, I thought these people were so friendly and it was amazing.

“And then I would hear nothing from the. I would message them and they wouldn’t respond at all.”

The South African comedian said a majority of these celebs change their numbers, while others forget that they have his number on their phones.

“By the way, people in Hollywood change their numbers all the time. Everbody has a new number all the time!”

“This has happened a few times – I would meet the same person at another event, maybe like a year later. And they were like ‘Oh my God, Trevor, we gotta hang out, let me get your number.”

“And I would say ‘I think you have my number’ but they would say ‘Oh, I changed phones…’ and I would put my number in their phone and on the screen, it would just pop up. They already had it!”


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