Major League DJz preview new Amapiano song featuring Wiz Khalifa (Video)


Major League DJz and Wiz Khalifa’s collaboration on the way

South African music duo Major League DJz has generated significant buzz by previewing a new song featuring American rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Known for their innovative fusion of amapiano and various music genres, the DJz continues to push boundaries with this exciting collaboration.

The teaser for the new track shared on their social media platforms, has already garnered enthusiastic responses from fans globally.

The snippet showcases a blend of amapiano beats with Wiz’s signature rap style, hinting at a fresh and dynamic sound that merges South African and American musical influences.


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Major League DJz, consisting of twin brothers Bandile and Banele Mbere, have been instrumental in popularizing amapiano, a genre that originated in South Africa.

Their collaboration with Wiz Khalifa marks a significant milestone in their career, highlighting the growing international appeal of amapiano music.

Wiz Khalifa, known for his versatile rap skills and hit songs like “See You Again” and “Black and Yellow,” brings a unique element to the track, adding his distinctive voice and flow to the amapiano beats.

This collaboration is expected to attract fans from both the hip-hop and amapiano communities, further bridging the gap between different music genres and cultures.

The full release date of the song has yet to be announced, but the preview has already created anticipation and excitement among fans and music enthusiasts.

This is undoubtedly a dream come true for Wiz Khalifa as he’s expressed his love for the Amapiano genre months ago, by vibing to Yano hits.

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