Mzansi anticipates new show ‘016FM’ starring late Mpho Sebeng (Trailer)


016FM, new drama series set in the Vaal in Gauteng starring the late Mpho Sebeng and celebrated actress Nthati Moshesh.

The storyline is about two polar opposite DJs embark on a goal to save a radio station, but encounter challenges including having to oust a dangerous, shadowy syndicate that has infiltrated the station.

The new TV show premieres on 26 June 2024, with new episodes every Wednesday on Showmax.

Before his passing, Mpho opened up about hoe he worked on delivering an excellent performance in the show.

“There is a big pop-cultural movement in the Vaal that is highly influenced by Italian high fashion. DJ Whiskey is an Italiana as well, so I immersed myself in understanding this movement in order to have a better understanding of the character. So I had to take the time to hang around with the locals, especially the people who started the culture of ama-Italiana and izikhothane.”

“I also watched a lot of videos and skits online. I would purposefully look for skits made by people from the Vaal going about their day.”

“I’d also link up with friends from Sebokeng and Sharpeville [which form part of the six townships in the Vaal] and that helped with fleshing out this character. ”

“The research gave me a deep appreciation and respect for the area. This place has so much history and so much to offer. I feel like a show like 016FM shows the great potential that is within the people of the Vaal.”

Watch the trailer below:

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