5 colour combos to elevate your office wardrobe



The colours you choose makes a significant impact, especially when it comes to your professional life.

The right colour combinations can convey professionalism, boost your confidence, and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re preparing for an important meeting or just aiming to look sharp at the office, these five colour combos for workwear will help you elevate your professional wardrobe.

1. Navy and White

Always the timeless and trustworthy combo, these two colours can never go wrong together. It exudes professionalism and trust, and is perfect for any kind of office environment, be it meetings or a regular day in office.

Some tips on how to style It:

  • You can pair a navy blazer with a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers for a sleek, polished look. Works for both men and women.
  • One can opt for a navy dress with white accessories, such as a belt or scarf, to add a touch of sophistication.
  • For men, a navy suit with a white dress shirt and a navy tie is a timeless choice that never fails.

2. Black and Grey

One of the elegant and versatile combination, it creates a sleek and modern look which is perfect for any professional setting. These two neutral colours, black and grey, provides endless options to play match with different outfits.

Some tips on how to style It:

  • A black blazer paired when paired with grey trousers and a white blouse, creates a chic and balanced outfit.
  • A grey dress with black heels and a black handbag work wonders as a stylish and cohesive look.
  • Men can opt for a grey suit with a black dress shirt and a coordinating tie for a refined appearance.

3. Burgundy and Blush

This striking combination of Burgundy and blush makes the outfit bold and confident. This combination is perfect for those of you who want to make a statement without being too flashy.

Some tips on how to style It:

  • A burgundy blazer over a blush blouse or shirt paired with black trousers creates a stylish, confident look.
  • You can try a blush dress with burgundy accessories, such as a belt, scarf or shoes, for a fashionable yet classy outfit.
  • Men can incorporate this combo with a burgundy tie against a blush dress shirt and paired with a dark suit.

4. Olive and Beige

Olive and beige are a sophisticated and earthy combination that oozes professionalism and brings a touch of nature into your work wardrobe. This duo is perfect for a modern yet understated look.

Some tips on how to style It:

  • Pair an olive blouse with beige trousers and a beige blazer for a harmonious and professional look.
  • One can consider a beige dress with olive accessories, such as a scarf or belt, for a chic and cohesive outfit.
  • Men can opt for an olive shirt with beige trousers and a coordinating beige blazer for a refined appearance.

5. Mustard and Navy

One of the most fresh and vibrant combination, this colour combo adds a pop of colour to your workwear. This pairing is perfect for those who want to bring freshness into their professional attire.

Some tips on how to style it:

  • You can wear a mustard blouse with navy trousers and a navy blazer to create a lively and professional look.
  • A navy dress can be considered with mustard accessories, such as a belt or shoes for confident look.
  • Men can wear a mustard tie with a navy shirt and a dark suit for a striking, confident appearance.

Selecting the right colour combinations for your clothing can substantially enhance your professional appearance and boost your confidence. Whether you prefer traditional and timeless pairing like navy and white, or more earthy and sophisticated combinations like olive and beige, these colour combos will help you create stylish, professional ensembles that will leave a lasting impression.

So, next time you are planning your work wardrobe, consider these combinations to elevate your style and don’t forget to mix and match new colours, you never know what you might stumble upon!