A lot of people get into casual sex without thinking it through.

Yes, to even come to the conclusion that you want to have casual sex with someone, you need to sit yourself down and make terms for the situation.

Because, if you don’t, it’s all going to mess up for you sooner than later.

Do you know what that means? You’re going to catch feelings for the one person you actually didn’t want to catch feelings for.

1. What to do if you catch feelings for your casual sex buddy?

First and foremost, stop beating yourself up for feeling this way. Women are biologically attached to their sexual partners. So this is absolutely natural and also quite common.

2. Should you worry that your casual sex doesn’t feel casual anymore?

Clearly, when you decided to have a no-strings-attached kind of a relationship with a person, it was for a reason. You sought out this causal sex situation because you thought it is emotionally safer to stick to this arrangement where you can get rid of the partner whenever you like. So if you find yourself developing feelings for your sex buddy and don’t find the sex as causal anymore, honey, you should worry.

3. What should I do at that moment?

You need to separate sex from emotions if you think casual sex is what you truly want. But if it isn’t that way and if you know that you are only getting attached to this person, casual sex is not the healthiest option for you. You need to try limiting yourself to having sex with this person otherwise it will just give you the desire for a relationship and emotional intimacy.

4. How to protect yourself in the long run?

If you decide to enter into another casual sex situation, try your best to minimize the chances of getting into deep connections with that person. Avoid sharing personal stories, hobbies, childhood experiences, family details, etc. Avoid frequent texting, only talk for purposes of meeting up for sex. Don’t keep replaying encounters in your head, it will just make you grow fonder of the person.