Silver jewellery always makes a minimalist fashion statement and gets acquainted with all your outfits which should be a staple in your wardrobe.

From fashion runways to making your way to your Instagram feeds, these bold and chunky silver earrings are everything for a girl.

However, with a huge demand in the market, authentic silver jewellery is hard to find which eventually can take away the look and money you invested.

Thus, by performing these small hacks at your home, you can differentiate between real and fake silver jewellery in the market.

1. The hallmark test

Yes, you heard it right, silver jewellery also comes with an authentic hallmark commonly found in gold jewellery. The stamp is always imprinted somewhere on the piece of jewellery which can be letters, symbols, or numbers, and might require a magnifying glass to see up close. But, if you’re purchasing it from a renowned brand and still wish to check its authenticity, then it should come with a hallmark.

2. Try with magnets

Silver never attracts magnets. Thus, for this, you first need to purchase an average-size magnet which can easily be found at the local hardware store. You need to place the silver jewellery on any non-magnetic surface such as glass or a wooden table and slowly bring the magnet closer to the magnet piece. If it does not repel, you have a real silver piece with you.

3. The chilling ice cube test

This is a fun way to test your silver jewellery where you need to simply put an ice cube on top of the jewellery. Silver conducts heat better than the other metals, so if the ice cube melts fast, your silver jewellery has passed the test.

4. The polish test

People always deal with the issues of their silver jewellery getting tarnished or black. Therefore, to test this theory, you need to simply rub your silver jewellery with a white cloth. If your jewellery leaves no black residue, then it is likely not silver, as the metal has the tendency and requires time to time serious polishing.

5. The smell testing

Keep your nose and smell fresh and free for this one as you need to smell your silver jewellery up and close. If you can smell dirty metallic types of essence then you probably have a fake piece as real sterling silver never has this smell, as it comes with an odorless effect. So go ahead and take a sniff from your silver jewellery box.