7 mistakes to avoid while renovating your home



Renovating your home is a tedious task.

It requires a lot of effort, money, time, labour, patience, and a will to clearly communicate and explain your ideas.

One wrong decision and a fortune can go to waste! So here are few mistakes you should avoid while renovating your home:

1. Rushing in

Don’t assume that renovating a house is a week’s task. It takes months of planning and budgeting to even start the renovation. You have to consider each step and the design of your home so that there isn’t any chaos at the end.

2. Ignoring the style of your space

This is an important aspect that many people tend to forget while renovating. You can do the interior as you like but if it doesn’t “go” with your house, it wouldn’t look pleasing. If you purchased a house or a flat, it has a natural architecture beforehand and it should be considered while planning a renovation. For example: if your house has half-sliding windows and you plan for French windows, there may be a chance that it won’t go well with the entire room.

3. Don’t go all DIY

With the DIY trend reaching the roof, most people are now doing almost everything by themselves. However, some things are best left for professionals as they have a better understanding and experience in this matter. You can paint the wall, hang the DIY paintings, wallpapers, or even transform the furniture– it is indeed a good way to be on a budget but there are definitely few tasks that are better done by professionals.

4. The correct theme

It is quite common to just hop on the trend while selecting a décor piece or theme. But we forget that trends come and go. What you should keep in mind instead is, “Will this piece/ theme be appealing after a year?” Ask this question every time you select an interior décor. Your home should give a look that is timeless not just trendy.

5. Planning the space

When renovating your home, measurements and planning the space are keys to a beautiful outcome. Start with the measurements of the furniture and floor before buying anything new. Many times people do an impromptu purchase that won’t even fit their interior.

6. Expecting too much

Everything won’t go smoothly. There will be arguments, change of decisions, and headaches while you renovate your home. The first thing to do is to prepare yourself for the upcoming situation. Make your renovation enjoyable by being open to new ideas and supportive of others.

7. Not communicating clearly

Communication is the key to anything, be it in a relationship or a work meeting or renovation. You need to communicate clearly what you want and how to want, after all, it is you who will be spending a fortune and it is your home.