They have a very delicate heart. One loud sound, they can die of a heart attack!

Their food has to be taken care of and their environment cannot be noisy at all. Also, they have a very short life line. Some die within 2-3 years… it is heartbreaking!

These animals make the worst pets

Pets like dogs and cats are common but there are many other pets that some people keep and they regret later. Here is a list of some of those pets that must never be kept at home that have even earned their name as the worst pets ever! Scroll down to know which ones.

1. Monkeys

They are cute and like children but remember that they are smarter than dogs! Primates are prone to rampage and that comes without a warning sign. They have massive strength but they lack reasoning. They can easily bite their owners and that bite can prove to be very lethal as they can transmit HIV-1 and hepatitis A among other diseases.

2. Big Cats

Lions, tigers and other cats are firstly illegal as pets but even if they are not so, you can be their prey! One bite on your throat and you can die. Even if they are doing so playfully, their jaw pressure can kill.

3. Goldfish

They look pretty and it seems easy to maintain them but the truth is that they are not! They rarely interact, are very stupid as per some gold fish owner

4. Tarantula

These gigantic spiders as pets rarely go down well with humans. There is no cuddling, playing around and they can easily kill you whenever they want. You cannot read their mind, let alone eyes!

5. Turtles/ tortoises

Many people keep them as pets but it is a blunder you do not want to make. Very few are playful and they are very lazy. They cannot be left unsupervised especially if you have other pets in the house. They can go and hide in the smallest places in the house and by the time you find them, they may be dead!

6. Birds

It’s inhuman to keep a bird in the house! They are meant to fly and you are putting them in the cage without their consent. Secondly, the room temperature, their food, environment, everything affects their health. They die easily if not well maintained and some people can also be allergic to them.