Department of Education reacts to exam questions on Skomota


Exam questions on Skomota causes a stir

The Department of Education has responded to the recent controversy surrounding the inclusion of questions about South African sensation Skomota in the national examination papers.

Critics voiced out about the questions as some people claim that the local entertainer is of no positive influence.

“It’s the assumption that all children know Skomota for me😏…….There are parents who would do anything to not expose their children to oSkomota because they realise that there is nothing to learn from his behaviour. The Department of Education needs to do better!” an X user wrote.

Speaking to Zimoja, National Department of Basic Education spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga questioned the authenticity of the examination questions.

“DBE would not know if this were real or not because schools set their own exams for learners under grade 12. There are no national exams but internal exams which means a school could do something like this for their own purposes.” Mhlanga said.

“It could easily be a manipulated document.”

“I will, however, check with my colleagues from the provinces if they know anything about it,” added Mhlanga.

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