DJ Njelic and girlfriend are still together


DJ Njelic’s girlfriend said she’s still dating the music star

DJ Njelic, real name Tshwarelo Motlhako, and his girlfriend Nokuthula ‘Euphacia’ Manonga are very much in love and still dating.

The couple sparked a stir on social media as the girlfriend ordered the DJ to move out of her house.

“Layisha into zakho (pack your things) or I’m donating them. Hamba! F&*k you, stupid!” she said in a recent live video.

The Psychology graduate, who is the daughter of a wealthy Swazi businessman said they haven’t broken up.

“People just saw a piece of the bigger picture. We have not broken up,” Nokuthula said.

Euphacia revealed that they’ve had series of fights and never left each other.

“I have stayed in the past. I am here even now. That was not a serious fight. People got a snippet of me telling him to leave and assumed he was kicked out and homeless,” she said.

“We were just arguing about something so small. We argue all the time, like anyone in a relationship. Couples argue all the time there’s nothing different about us.”

Nokthula further set the record straight about her R1.3 million car and made it known that her relationship with Njelic is not based on material things.

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