Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as President of South Africa for 2nd term


Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn in as the President of South Africa for a second term following the general election that occurred in May.

The president was sworn in by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

He made his first speech after being officially sworn in at the Union Buildings in Tshwane.

“In the presence of everyone assembled here and in full realisation of the high calling I assume as President of the Republic of South Africa, I, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa swear that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, and will obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other laws of the Republic.”

“I discharge my duties with all my strength and talents to the best of my knowledge and ability and true to the dictates of my conscience: Do justice to all; and devote myself to the well-being of the Republic and all of its people. So, help me God.” he vowed.

Ramaphosa promises to build a equal society.

“We affirm that history has placed on our shoulders the responsibility to transform our country into a non-racial and non-sexist society. We affirm our determination to build a more equal and caring society. We affirm our resolute quest to build a growing and inclusive economy that offers opportunities and livelihoods to all people,” he said.

And so, as we enter another era in the life of our nation, the resilience of our democracy has once more been tested and the people have spoken loudly that they choose peace and democracy over violent, undemocratic and unconstitutional methods. In their multitude, in voices that are many and diverse, the people of South Africa have voted and made known their wishes, their concerns and their expectations.”

“They have directed us to work together to address their plight and realise their aspirations. They have also been unequivocal in expressing their disappointment and disapproval of our performance in some of the areas in which we have failed them.”

“Today I stand before you as your humble servant to say we have heard you. As the President of the Republic, I will work with everyone to reach out and work with every political party and sector that is willing to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges our country faces as we transition to a new decade of freedom.”

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