Zola 7 quits alcohol


Zola 7, real name Bonginkosi Dlamini has stopped the consumption of alcohol due to his health.

A source disclosed to Zimoja, that the musician was an alcoholic.

“His relationship with alcohol wasn’t good, because he over did it, so it’s good that he’s stopped altogether. He used to drink like a fish and this wasn’t good for him, especially with ill health,” source revealed.

Another source said the music star had to consider his health, hence he stopped booze.

“His illness is a serious one and not long ago, he wasn’t well, so that’s part of the reason he decided to stop drinking alcohol. He realised that in the long run, alcohol would hurt his health.”

Zola 7 is focused on making music, and taking care of his health.

“He’s determined to get back to the level he was in many years ago within the music business and drinking excessively will deprive him of that. He is so serious about reclaiming his place in showbiz so much so that he smoked the peace pipe with his former label boss Lance Stehr and he’s back at Ghetto Ruff,” said the source.

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